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  • SGC Wildvision Glacier aka “Deuce”

    Deuce is a beautiful Seal Lynx Point, he is the sire to Rhea and grandfather to Little Bear our mink Bengal Queen. Thank you to Tom & Barbara Quiring for allowing him to come to our cattery. He's made some nice breeders for our breeding program.
  • Mainstreet Pixxie Dust of Tatsu

    Pixxie is a unique Bengal with a wild head and exotic expression. She is very athletic and love’s to jump up to your shoulders and hang out. She has a nice clear coat with golden brown rosettes all over her body. She is a sweet cat and puts this in her kitten’s temperament.
  • Gypsylane Roxy of Tatsu

    Roxy has a beautiful clear coat that shows off her distinctive black framed rosettes. Her lovely pelt feels soft and plush reflecting her golden glitter. Really like her soft expression with a pretty head type and small ears. Her sweet personality always shows in her kittens. Please keep watch for her future litters.
  • Tatsu Little Bear

    This is a Seal Mink among the snow Bengal breed we call “Little Bear” for her nice head shape, ears and muzzle. She also has a great muscular body, thick tail and huge round nocturnal eyes. Little Bear also produces some of the most exotic kittens, so keep an eye out for up and coming litters.
  • CH Mainstreet “Hurricane” of Tatsu

    Although Hurricane did not care for the show ring, he became a champion in one show. He has also produced a son we call Shiro who has become a SGC in four shows and still working on his show career (2014). Hurricane is also sire to champion daughter CoolSpots Calypso, very nice girl.
  • RW/SGC Tatsu Viggo

    Viggo’s show career was phenomenal winning many titles both as a kitten and adult. He became a Supreme Grand Champion and also won 16th best short hair cat in Southwest region 2010/2011. Has also produced a daughter Tatsu Cuisinart of Cool Spots Cattery that became RW/SGC in 2013. Thanks Donnette for promoting her in the show rings
  • SGC Tatsu “Shiro”

    Shiro became a Supreme Grand Champion in his first four shows and has won many awards from kitten to adult show rings which started July 2013. He also won the Gene Mill Visionary Award for Best Male Bengal January 2014 as did his grandmother Topaz a few years back reflecting his legacy! He is currently working on his show career and holding 10th best short hair cat in the Southwest region 2013/2014.
  • CH Tatsu Athena

    Athena is a Seal Sepia in the most beautiful light golden color which she often produces in her kittens. Her beautiful head and back skull is highly sought by other breeders along with her glittered pelted coat. She is the mother of two SGC’s Tatsu Safira of TheRhealms and our stud SGC Tatsu Shiro!!
  • Tatsu Rhea

    Rhea is the dam of Little Bear and has pretty rounded nocturnal eyes and small ears which balances nicely for her head type. Not to mention a nice thick tail!We are so happy she produced these qualities in her daughter and other offspring.
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January 18-19, 2014:
Among several finals while showing with the SoCal ExoTICA Cat Club in Arcadia, SGC Tatsu Shiro wins the Gene Mill Visionary Award for Best Male Bengal !!!

Our very own SGC Tatsu Shiro is currently holding his place among several top show cats this season. We are very proud and hopeful for a RW (regional win) to add to his Supreme Grand Champion title. Below are some of his recent show announcements. Please keep an eye on out future "Show Stops" and come visit us.

More news to come....


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