Tatsu Bengals FAQ

Tatsu Bengals FAQ

What is the goal of your breeding program?

Our goal at is to create a well-socialized, happy, healthy Bengal kittens for Show, Breeder and Top Quality Pet.

In our years of experience we have committed to this incredible breed, we have continued to strive for excellence in type, temperament and pattern. Our goal is to produce an exotic yet good tempered and loveable domesticated Bengal cat. We focus on sweet temperament, straight profile, wild expression, inky black open random rosettes, exceptional contrast, glitter and short tight non fading coat and type. We have added supreme championship bloodlines to our breeding program to ensure we are able to produce such an amazing cat.

Can we visit your cattery?

Yes, we encourage visitors to our cattery, by appointment only. Weekends tend to be good for most schedules but can set up some evening appointments throughout the week.

Do you show your cats?

Yes we show our cats as it is a great indicator of your progression of your breeding program and to stay up to date on the very best of the breed.

Who gives your vaccinations and guarantees their health?

Our veterinarian sees the kittens if there are any concerns and for health records before shipping. We administer all vaccinations and worming and provide this information with our contract. Before leaving our cattery each kitten is also checked for issues regarding (eyes, ears, lungs, heart murmurs, leg/hip problems.) They are also seen by a veterinarian right before shipping on an airplane if that is required as a final health approval before flying. You are guaranteed a healthy happy kitten with a full Health Guarantee. See contract for health guarantee and specifics of our Contract.

Do you have written health guarantees?

Yes, each kitten comes with a full health guarantee. See contract and guarantee page for more details.

Will you provide references?

Yes, we can give you references of past clients upon request.

How long have you been breeding bengals?

We have been developing our breeding program since 2006.

What do you feed your cats and Kittens of your cattery?

We feed Earthborn Cat/Kitten dry open feeding, and we also provide both kittens and young adults Blue Buffalo and Royal Canin kitten Dry on occasion. We supplement all of our cats with cooked skinless- boneless chicken, ground turkey and canned wet food for lean protein.

How old do Bengals have to be before I can purchase one?

Kittens are placed around 12 to 14 weeks and they have proven to be socialized and healthy and be able to travel to their new homes.

How big will a Bengal get?

Females tend to be right around 7 to 12 pounds and males typically between 11 and 16 pounds.

How can I pay for my kitten?

Either by a cashier’s check, secured bank check or cash. You may also use, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal (but will have to pay the extra fee they impose for this service).